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The Assisted Reproduction Act of Spain (Law 14/2006) does not permit certain types of treatments in the national territory. Couples or women who need to resort to these treatments need to go outside Spain in order to do them.

he difference among the various legislations concerning Assisted Reproduction in Europe makes patients move from one country to another, looking for a place where they can do the treatment they need.

Fortunately, traveling today is very easy and fast, and this combination of factors has produced a phenomenon called by some ‘reproductive tourism’.
However, I think that more than ‘reproductive tourism’ we should speak about ‘reproductive exile’. In most cases, couples are not going on vacations when they travel abroad seeking for a treatment they cannot do in their country of origin.

Es cierto que algunas clínicas tratan de orientar la oferta de sus servicios en este sentido, pero en la inmensa mayoría de los casos, los pacientes realizan los desplazamientos y las estancias imprescindibles.
It is true that some clinics promote their services in this way. However, in the vast majority of cases, patients arrange for their own travels and accommodations.

These are some examples of the treatments that cannot be done in Spain and that can be done in some neighboring countries:

 1. Egg donation with known donor

 2. Surrogate motherhood

 3. Sex selection

 4. Comment on treatments oustide Spain

Dr. Braulio Peramo Moya
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