¿quieres ser donante de ovulos?
  consejos embarazo
1. What is the basic control performed during menstruation? Respuesta >

2. Is it necessary to attend the clinic every day for the monitoring of an IVF cycle? Respuesta >

3. What is the monitoring that is done during the IVF cycle? Respuesta >

4. How long does it take from the beginning of the stimulation to the egg retrieval? Respuesta >

5. Is it necessary to rest in bed after the embryo transfer? Respuesta >

6. Can I exercise during an IVF cycle? Respuesta >

7. Should I change my diet during an IVF cycle? Respuesta >

8. Should I take any kind of vitamins before starting the treatment? Respuesta >

9. Should my partner have sexual abstinence before delivering the sperm sample? Respuesta >

10. My partner has a frozen sperm sample. Is it necessary to provide a fresh sperm sample the day of the follicular puncture? Respuesta >

11. Mi partner has a vasectomy that was done many years ago. Can we have children with an IVF cycle? Respuesta >

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